Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hexalen® and YEA! note , #12

Over eleven days ago, my oncologist discussed the results of the most recent PET/CT scans with me and my second set of ears, Joyce. The doctor also said that because of the slight increase in my tumor marker (CA-125), it was time to review the options for new treatment.

Since the primary peritoneal carcinoma (PPC) is being treated like ovarian cancer, there are numerous chemotherapy drugs to select from. I feel pretty lucky that science and medicine is at this point today. Heck, when my mother died of ovarian cancer in 1991, two weeks after diagnosis, I would speculate that there were fewer options for her than what I have today.

I have already had significant success with two of my three earlier Chemotherapy drugs, and when the oncologist most recently reviewed the next three cancer-killing drugs that are now readily available for me, I could see hope. Our new drug of choice is Hexalen.®


  1. Hope/Hexalen/Hope/Hexalen/Hope/Hexalen/Hope!

  2. Thank You.
    I will repeat after you: Hope/Hexalen/Hope/Hexalen/Hope/Hexalen/Hope!