Friday, November 27, 2009

Hexalen® and Thanksgiving Flowers, #9

Thanksgiving Dinner with dear friends was an opportunity to voice how grateful I'm for the science, medicine, and individuals who are bringing health and life to me and others.

Since I have not started taking my Hexalen® chemotherapy pills, I felt really good that I could TOTALLY enjoy the chips and dip, soup, salad, etc., etc., etc. Even the left overs are fun to eat.

I'm just wondering and some what anticipating that when I start popping the six Hexalen® pills a day (for 14 days on and 14 days off) that my life will be governed by having the container of anti-nausea within arms reach. Believe me, I hope I won't be getting sick to my stomach!

P.S., My oncologist said to begin taking the Hexalen® within 14-21 days from my last appointment (nine days ago). He gave me some leeway because the mouth sores and cracked 'n dry skin from the previous chemotherapy needed time to heal.

Flowers from: Paul's Unique Creations, Santa Monica, California.

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  1. “The grateful heart sits at a continual feast.”