Monday, November 16, 2009

My highs, lows and fears

The side effects of the chemo #3 are stinging, hurting, and spreading to more areas of my body. Sometimes the side effects are calm and quiet, other times they are screaming! Then, sometimes it is difficult to swallow, but other than that, one of these days they will start to decrease. I have received six infusions of Doxil® and will not be receiving any more.

I don't know the results of the PET/CAT scans I had on Friday. One of these days I will.

Sometimes I think I will go great lengths to get a copy of the results, but other times I feel there are more important things to do and I'll get to the doctor's office when I have time. I'm just kind of 'low-key' this time. OH.....emotions are coming up.....

Oh S**T!
I'm afraid of bad news.

Okay OKAY, I hear you. It could be good news as well.....
It's gotta be better than when I was hospitalized!
And right, the Doxil® did bring down my CA-125 from over 6000 to 122! Yah, but, I want all the cancer to be out of ALL of my body.

While I have an appointment with my oncologist to get the PET/CAT results on Wednesday, I have just been invited to the annual Wellness Community luncheon, which is at the same time.
Tuesday: I have art therapy in the afternoon and don't want to miss it, unless the doctor can see me late morning and then I rush to art therapy for support or celebration!
Oh well, I have an opening on Monday, but does he?

Last bit of news: Some of my art work will be part of an exhibition at Premiere Oncology in Santa Monica, California. Opening reception is December 2nd in the afternoon.

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