Friday, November 20, 2009

Suggestions for self-talk when taking pills

We had a very interesting discussion in cancer survivors' group
last night about
taking chemotherapy pills.

1) it is physically difficult to take pills,
2) delaying as long as possible in taking pills,
3) putting pills in special bowls prior to taking the medication,
and finally

4) skipping the pills.

Hello world, what works for you?

P.S., Eight hours after posting this blog
I felt pretty confident and decided to take my
vitamins for the first time in three days. I was
using the technique a friend recommended--
take the pills with room temperature or warm water.

The first three went down okay, the last one
(the one I cut in half) got caught in my throat.
Not a good situation!
Believe me, this scared me as I tried to
figure out what to do, especially when
my tried-and-true methods were not working!
And, WE were talking about just this situation
in group last night.

In memory: May the late O. Carl Simonton, oncologist, rest in peace.

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