Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hexalen® and turkey, #6

To begin my Thanksgiving meal for wellness, I will open several six-pacs of bubbling humor for my guests. We sit around the rotating table of relaxing environments, including the Pacific Ocean, the rice fields of Bali, and the mountains of Telluride, while fresh breezes and tinkling wind chimes refresh us.

Around this table sit my salt ‘n peppered, love-filled friends of many decades, along with the active, little leprechauns from paradise. They are spreading uncontained curiosity and softened kisses of unconditional love. Rays of hope spread an inner contentment upon everyone.

The table seems to be overjoyed as the rainbow of fruits and vegetables in multiple glass bowls are placed in front of the guests. A momentary quiet spreads across the room as people are nourished with hope.

As my guests anticipate the next course, a chain of charming and magical beans are stirred and brought to the table. The presentation is impressive as the hot tureen goes from one person to another. The endorphin-filled steam rises and lifts our dreams of wellness from the ever-present reality.

We take a deep breath, exhale, relax, and appreciate the Thanksgiving meal, and then make our selection from the dessert buffet of rewarding tenderness, endless hugs, and compassionate smiles.

The room is filled with positive energy, as each person says and hears, “I’m so happy we are together on the Thanksgiving Day. Peace be with you.”

This writing is based upon the prompt from the West Los Angeles, Wellness Community Writing Group. We meet two hours on a weekly basis. Thanks to Zena and Michael for being there for us today.

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