Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hexalen® and lingering side effects from Doxil®"#15

Just when I thought I had gained all the benefits* from chemo #3, aka, Doxil®, and when I thought the side effects were nearly gone, yesterday the story changed.

Hands are tingling again and the skin inside my mouth is swollen, again.

Oh, I wish there was a manual on this kind of stuff.

The reason I'm so disappointed at these new side effects from the old drug is because I was really getting prepared to start chemo #4, Hexalen®.

If only the two drugs could talk--hummm--

Doxil® to Hexalen®: "I'm feeling left out! You and Michelle are going to so many fun places. She is taking you to the Chinese market, the Santa Monica Pier, to fun places to eat! So, Hexalen®, because Michelle never took me to fun places, I'm going to stay around a little longer. Sure, I'm trying to keep the disease level down, but, I'm going to make life a little uncomfortable for Michelle!"

Hexalen® to Doxil®: "Now come on, we have to get along. We are both known as, {DRUM ROLL PLEASE} Cancer-Killing Drugs! We are Heroes! H-E-R-O-E-S! Michelle's Heroes!"

Doxil® to Hexalen®: "But I'm still feeling left out!"

Hexalen® to Doxil®: "I'm so sorry Doxil®. But Michelle had no choice because she could not touch you. Remember there is a warning--Do not get Doxil® on the skin! And do you remember that the two previous cancer-killing drugs were also liquid drugs that were infused into Michelle's arm. She could not take them home either, or to the beach or to the pier."

Doxil® to Hexalen®: "I guess I'll just have to accept the fact that you are pills/capsules and I'm a liquid. Okay, I'll get over my anger and resentment. Bye Hexalen®"

Hexalen® to Doxil®: "Bye Doxil®. See you around."

*Benefits: dramatically reducing the CA-125 tumor marker (from 6705 to 122) and less observable disease on the PET/CT scans

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  1. I guess there's always some competition between super heroes. But that should work to your benefit!