Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hexalen®, day 14, #33

Today is the last day of the
'14 days of taking the Hexalen®' chemotherapy capsules,
aka, ChemoCaps.

I have enjoyed seeing life through my ChemoCaps
and hope you have been entertained, amused, and inspired.

The following '14 days' I will not be taking the ChemoCaps

You know, the old, '14-days on and 14-days off' program

I have called this first, 28-day month 'Oneuary'
My second month of taking my ChemoCaps will begin in two weeks.
The name of that month is 'Twouary,'
again a month with 28-days.
The logic again follows:
'Threeuary' is a month with 28 days,
14-days on meds and 14-days off meds.



  1. Michele,
    You put an upbeat, whimsical flair to adversity. Translation: Courage.
    Susan L

  2. Today is the 26th of Oneuary! Really!
    On Sunday it will be the 1st of Twouary AND the first day of the second month of taking my ChemoCaps. Celebrate!