Friday, December 11, 2009

Hexalen®, day 6, #25

It sure feels good to just write that fatigue is my only side effect from the chemotherapy oral medication. My need for two to three naps is really a delight in relation to a few other in-treatment friends.

I wish all the cancer survivors who ARE having debilitating and toxic side effects will quickly be able to return to a normal life.


  1. Michelle,

    Eric sent me the link to your blog. It is an amazing piece. i so admire your courage and ability to coney your message through pictures and words. Keep up the fighting spirit. My focus is just about getting thru this phase and knowing that the drugs are helping fight my battle. Stay strong, positive and focused. Steve Moss- Hong Kong

  2. Hi Steve, So glad you are in contact again. Go Steve! Go Steve!!

  3. This photo of cancer medicine tucked into the flower bouquet communicates a sense of thankfulness and appreciation for the opportunity of treatment.
    Susan L