Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hexalen® and Drug Warnings , #19

As I prepare to begin taking my six doses of Hexalen ® a day, the warnings on the container caught my eye again.

Verrry interesting:
These days people are so cautious about surfaces we touch,
the door knobs we don't touch after washing our hands,
the frequent use of hand sanitizers, and yesterday someone mentioned--
touching the bottles of condiments at restaurant tables that have been used by unknown hands.

Back to the label, my cancer-killing medication container is advising me to wash my hands AFTER I touch the medication.

I guess I better do what I'm told, but shouldn't I wash my hands BEFORE I take the medicine?


  1. It's hard to believe we put that stuff in our bodies ...

  2. Yes, so difficult to know our body needs these drugs in order to rid our bodies of those crazy cancer cells. Maybe in a few more years, the targeted therapies will just do the job and we won't have the very difficult side effects.