Wednesday, December 23, 2009

14 Days off: #3

Today in writing group for cancer survivors
I explored the concept of

While my philosophy of life is to view my challenges through the eyes of a creative artist
I find it difficult when cancer symptoms seem to sneak up on me

For example...
Is my abdominal bloating caused from ineffective
chemotheraphy medication
Is it from the over-salted dinner the night before?

Is my crazy-acting GI system a result of X, Y, or Z,
Is it because the cancer-killing oral medication is too weak?

Is the next CA-125 tumor marker blood test going to be lower,
Is it going to be higher than the previous test seven weeks ago?

The pendulum of cancer swings from fear to contentment

So as I once again look at my photograph,
each holly leaf is made up of a smooth, glossy surface
While around the outside are
sharp, spiny toothed edges


  1. Your words are both wise and true.
    Susan L

  2. At this point, I reflect and gain strength through analogies