Tuesday, December 29, 2009

14 Days off: #9


In a few days I will return to the pharmacy to fill my second month prescription of oral chemotherapy medicine. I still find it hard to picture 84 capsules that will be taken in 14 days.

But wait, the oncologist said he may increase the daily dosage when I see him on January 4th, 2010. Want to take a guess what the new total will be?

How does this note apply to the photograph?

On a recent walk, I was celebrating that I had completed my first month of swallowing 84 capsules in 14 days. The empty medicine container is on the top of the red warning bag.

My previous chemotherapy medicine was contained in a different kind of bag--a soft plastic bag that hung from a pole with liquid, cancer-killing fluid. The earlier 17 infusions of medicine into my arm also contained warnings, like, be careful not to get the fluid on the skin.
The end result of all this liquid and oral medicine has and continues to be to kill and control the cancer in my abdominal/pelvic area.


  1. Michelle, that's a lots of pills to swallow! May they be super effective!
    Susan L

  2. You are right, It IS a lot of pills to count correctly, take on schedule, and ...