Monday, December 21, 2009

14 Days off: #1

As a way to celebrate
and to
focus on the
continuing mission of
my chemotherapy medication
I took the
EMPTY container
on a 'photo shoot'

This new series of photographs will help remind me of the
continuing mission of the 85 Hexalen®
chemotherapy capsules
I have taken during the past 15 days.

As I was taking this photograph
a man asked if I needed help in picking up the container.

"No, but thank you.
I'm celebrating because I just finished taking the
85 capsules that were in the container."


  1. What a sweet man; reminds us that even the smallest offer to help another makes a difference.
    Susan L

  2. Yes, all it takes is just a second or two to make that connection with another. Thank you for your many words of support and dedication to humanity.