Monday, December 28, 2009

14 Days off: #8

The Gift of Life

Last night I saw a guy sing about his struggles and survival
after bone cancer was diagnosed in his upper left jaw#

Life is a gift

This morning I received continuing physical therapy to allow me to walk,
something I could easily do before sarcoma cancer surgery and radiation

A healthy life is a gift

Next week I will get my blood tested to determine how chemo #4*
is attacking the cancer cells in my abdominal area

The state of our medical world is a gift

The belief that there are multiple ways to live a joyful life under
the most dire situations is the gift I celebrate each day

Life is my present

# Charlie Lustman, "Made Me Nuclear" at Santa Monica Playhouse:
* Hexalen® capsules
Gift bag courtesy of Dolly


  1. Michelle, aka Sureluc:

    A bit of inspiration from Sherlock Holmes!
    I was watching the 1944 movie Sherlock Holmes and the Spider Woman this week. Not to give away the plot, but when it was thought that Sherlock Holmes had drowned, Watson sunk into despair. Holmes' Scottish maid, with sweetness, sadness, and a bit of uplifting resolve, said to Watson, "Please don't get down in the dumps. What can't be cured must be endured you know."

    Seeing her sweet communication to Watson, it strikes me that she was actually communicating your words in this blog that it is a gift to believe that "there are multiple ways to live a joyful life under the most dire situations."
    Susan, aka Watson

  2. Time for an afternoon tea, Watson. We have more to discuss.