Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hexalen®, day 7.5, 2nd month

This is a continuation of my earlier post of January 9th.

It is now 10 am on Saturday morning, where as my earlier post was created around eight hours ago. I'm not usually awake at two in the early morning and therefore, I'm never writing my blog at that time. But after tossing and turning in bed I went to my computer and found a response from Brad on yesterday's blog.

Now, on to this photograph. You will notice the medicine container is half empty, but the doesn't mean that is the balance of the monthly dosage. In four days, the pharmacy, per insurance company rules, will allow me to get the 28 additional capsules ordered by my oncologist.

If you are new to my blog, last month I was taking six capsules a day for 14 days. I tolerated the medicine well, so this month the dosage is eight ChemoCaps* a day. But, since the doctor called in the order for the additional 28 capsules after I picked up the current prescription of 84 ChemoCaps, I'll get the balance when released by the insurance company.

Well, with each capsule costing about $10, the insurance company is in the driver's seat!

* ChemoCaps: My endearing term for
Hexalen® chemotherapy capsules

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