Friday, January 8, 2010

Hexalen®, day 6, 2nd month

The process of taking my ChemoCaps*
is going well

There are no accompanying pains from taking the medicine,
just count and swallow with liquid
along with a nice meal

The development of side effects is the mystery...
How much of the body will be red, swollen, and later peel?
How much more of my hair will drop out when it is not supposed to?
Will it be difficult to swallow, again?
Will my memory go into a freeze?
How fatigued will I become?

The effectiveness of the medicine is also a mystery until
I have a CT scan in a couple of months

In the mean time,
two capsules four times a day
14 days on
14 days off

Cheers! it's time to take a nap

*ChemoCaps: my term for the
chemotherapy capsules

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