Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hexalen®, day 1, 3rd month

112 ChemoCaps

As I took my first two capsules for this third month

I heard a voice inside my head say,

"Time for a party!"

That is such a change from the first month when I

questioned and feared the many stated side effects


the Internet has plenty of information on this topic


side effects are often unique to the individual

So today, I opened myself up to 14 days of



parties, and

swallowing 112 capsules

It turned out that today my grandchildren,

their other grandmother,

and I spent the afternoon at the Getty Center.

We ate,


walked/ran & sat,

listened to the water,

looked at fossils in the rocks,

and had a wonderful time.

Yes, today was a celebration!

I will look for fun events in each day,

even if I create them!

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