Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hexalen®, day 12, 2nd month

“Don’t Suffer in Silence”

Around two in the morning I realized I was thinking about the pain in my right hamstring muscles, and having a chat with my radiologist. I wanted him to see the damaged muscles and really find out if the 30 radiation treatments of a year ago, that burned 5/6 of my upper thigh, were really necessary.

Then I heard another voice say, “But remember, years ago limbs were amputated as a result of Sarcoma tumors.”


Then I asked myself, how could I creatively explore the scope of this early morning wake-up call:

1. I can make another collage with photographs of legs and acrylic paint accents, as I did with “Leg Pain,” now hanging at Premiere Oncology +.

2. I can make a felt-based piece of art, similar to “The Highs and Lows of Leg Pain,” * also hanging in a Santa Monica art exhibition #.

3. WOW! I could make “Trilogy of Leg Pain,” similar to “Hair Chronicles on Canvas” ^.

4. I could also write a conversation between my legs, like I did with my two different chemotherapy drugs at the Ferris wheel in Santa Monica++. I could put it on my blog.

“Oh my, the pain in my leg is gone,” I heard myself say around 2:30 am.

In reality, this early morning writing was like going to group therapy where I allow my voice to be expressed and acknowledged.

A reminder - do not suffer in silence.

+ see Nov. 30, 2009 blog post

* see Sept. 19, 2009 blog post

# see Nov 30, 2009 on blog post

^ see Sept. 11, 2009 blog post

++ see Nov 24, 2009 blog post

This blog entry was developed and read during "Writers Workshop" at The Wellness Community, Santa Monica, CA.

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  1. a friend of mine had her leg amputated at 16 years old, she is now 30+. Also sarcoma. Glad things are getting better for you and other sarcoma survivors.