Tuesday, January 19, 2010

14 Days off: #3

"Family Patchwork"
with empty ChemoCaps containers

During the past few weeks I have returned to my genealogy research, picking up where I left off over a year ago. (Cancer treatment seemed to take all my energy then.)

While researching family history is absorbing it is fun to be a detective. As a result, I have met new cousins and they have helped me learn more about my family.

So far, the biggest surprise was to learn that my grandmother lived 50 years longer than we were told. Why? I think it was because she was declared mentally insane in the 1920's and confined to facilities for 50 years. So instead of my grandmother dying when my mother was a child, my grandmother died at the age of 88!

Today's photograph of "Family Patchwork" is an art piece I created to use in my genealogy multimedia presentations. Since I have a large immediate family, nieces, nephews, and new cousins, a have a built-in audience for my new discoveries.

Michelle Leddel
Mixed media
approx 12 x 12 inches
January 2010

Created while in 'Cancer and Creativity Art Therapy Workshop'
Presented by Premiere Oncology Foundation and Beckstrand Cancer Foundation
Instructor: Esther Dreifuss-Kattan, PhD, ATR

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