Sunday, January 24, 2010

14 Days off: #8

Today we were at our local Apple Store for their ongoing, three hour Personal Project workshop. For several weeks the Apple team has provided excellent assistance as I have been creating individual family timelines, and easy to read, one page, personal profiles with graphics.

I have never used the Pages application on my iMac so the extended period of time is a great way to work on a project and get questions answered. There is one trainer for a maximum of six people. Actually, today there were only three other people at the table.

As a result of the hours and hours of research, a few old photographs, and the training from the Apple guys I have good looking timelines on my great uncle, great aunts, grandmother, and great grandfather. Once I email these out, my siblings and other family members will gain a deeper appreciation for my mother's family, the people we never met.

Oh, I have one more week before I begin swallowing my next round of ChemoCaps. It sure is nice to have a life revolve around my passions and not around the medicine taking schedule. In a week I will begin the process of swallowing 112 capsules in 14 days, 8 a day.

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