Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update from Eric

Hi all,

Eric (her loving stepson) here. Signed into Michelle's account with her permission of course :).
Michelle finished her first week of the clinical trial last week and over the weekend her she felt weaker then she had been before. Her Ca 125 markers are up and from the scans Dr. Goldman presented yesterday as the first week of the trials have not halted the "caking" in her abdomen.

The 2nd week in the trial began yesterday and lasts through this week. Dr. Goldman's hope is that this really kicks in and slows the advancement down. She will take the Chemo and Parp Inhibitor for 5& 7 days and then is off for 3 weeks and then back on for a week.

Over the last few days, everyone has rallied around to ensure she has helping hands through the day and has the necessary support at night. Bruce and Marlene, her close friends and neighbors and Toni, her long time friend and house keeper are with her during the days and family visits are scheduled through the nights and into weekend.

After this little blip in energy levels, Nana seems to be settling for another round in the ring. Ding Ding

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  1. Eric,
    I appreciate being able to read your very caring and supportive updates.
    (Kevin's sister-in-law)