Saturday, September 11, 2010

Second 'long day' of Clinical Trial #2

What's up?

Three days ago I had my 2nd 'long day.' An earlier blog provided information on 'long day #1.' It seemed that I was more relaxed this time because I knew what to expect: twelve blood draws, two EKGs, ten checks of my vitals, swallowing four PARP Inhibitors capsules, visit by nurse practitioner, lunch 'n dinner, and then release at 8 pm. Opps, forgot to tell you that I returned the next morning for a blood draw.

The best part about the day was the contacts with friends and family. I spoke with a brother in Florida as well as other loving friends. B and M came by, and as always, we always have so much to discuss. They also drove me home again, which I really appreciated because I was tired and weak.

The worst thing about this disease is my distended abdominal area. It is putting pressure on my heart and my elimination process. Not happy sensations! Could it be from the fluid build-up? An ultra-sound a week ago, showed that it was not fluid build-up, where as a week earlier, two liters of fluid was withdrawn.

I just reread the CT scan of three weeks ago and I have to accept the fact that this feeling of fullness in my torso is from the "worsening peritoneal carcinomatosis," direct quote from the CT report. Carcinomatosis is also known as calking. I am relying again on current and new treatment to once again dramatically rid my body of this #%$&! Oh, did I mention that I just called in Pacman to eat that stuff out of my body?! A suggestion from John!

There is so much to learn, monitor, second guess, and to get through. And for this, I receive the frequent hugs and 'pats-on-the-back' for being strong.

Thank you

Today is Saturday. On Monday I have/will experience/go through 'long day #3.'
Tuesday morning I return to the oncology clinic for a fasting blood draw, followed by an IHOP breakfast.
Wednesday, my annual mammogram (at this point, is this really necessary?)
Thursday, 'long day #4'
Friday, like Tuesday, I return to the oncology clinic for a fasting blood draw, followed by an IHOP breakfast AND, OPPS, stop the press! I'm going to have a CT scan one hour after the 8 am blood draw AND I can't eat four hours before the scan. Oh well, somethings just have to happen!


  1. Wishing I was there to be with you and give you frequent hugs! I am sending all of my positive healing energy your way! I love you!

  2. Thanks, Jesea my dear. I have been at the clinic nine hours and I have only a little more the three more hours. I'm feeling your love and healing energies.

  3. Michelle,
    Oh, you are going thorough so much. I'm praying that your new treatments will aggresively go to work for you. Thinking of you daily......and wishing also for a real-life "Pacman" process to rise up within you and help get the job done.
    Susan L