Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clinical Trial #2

My previous blog let you know that my first experience with a Clinical Trial, (aka, CT #1) was short lived. Why? CT scan showed an increase in the cancer in my pelvic and abdomen, there was more pain, and my blood tumor marker (CA-125) had tripled one month after I began CT #1.

Yesterday, exactly four weeks since the last infusion of the CT #1 meds, I began Clinical Trial #2 (aka, CT #2) also at the same nearby oncology clinic.

The first of my four special days at the oncology clinic was yesterday. By the time I left, 12 1/2 hours later, I swallowed the 4 PARP Inhibitors capsules, had 2 EKGs, 12 blood draws, lunch and dinner, and was checked by the doctor. This is what they call 'the long day' at the clinic.

Thanks to friends and family for all the love and support. I will have three more 'long days' of this clinical trial during the next two weeks.

Why so much lab work, you may ask? To see which of the formulations of this PARP Inhibitor, also known as targeted therapy, works best in my body. In eighteen days, I will be given the best and specific PARP Inhibitor dosage and the new chemotherapy medicine, both oral drugs.

So after all that, how do I feel? Tired, bloated, loved, and hopeful.

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