Friday, September 3, 2010

Real life: "not candy-coated"

On Monday of this week, two liters of fluid were taken out of my tummy and now, today, I will go back for another tap. I feel very uncomfortable with this fluid in my torso. I'm also unhappy that the fluid buildup happened so quickly. It was six weeks between the first and second tap (paracentesis) and now only five days between the second and third tap.

...One day later...
Again through the use of ultra sound, the technician and radiologist looked for fluid buildup. They could NOT find the hugh pocket of fluid that they found on two previous occasions. A tiny amount, yes. The paracentesis was not done yesterday.
Possibly an irritated bowel is causing the tenderness and the feeling that there are four to five pounds of fluid in my tummy. My medical team then gave me guidelines for gentle and healthy eating this weekend.

key words: ascites, paracentesis,

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