Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purpose of life

Have you ever taken some time out of your busy life to answer the question, What is the purpose of your life?

Today in the Writers Workshop at The Wellness Community I answered that question. While I read my response to the group, I'll put it on the blog soon.

Now back to you, What is the purpose of YOUR life?


  1. I've found the same desire as you Debby.

  2. Up until five years ago, my purpose was to be the best teacher I could be, to inspire my students, to do what was expected, and then go beyond expectations.
    Now that I'm retired, actually several years earlier than I had planned, my focus has been on "quality of life' issues:
    *enjoyment of life (teaching was hard work)
    *discovery of the unknown, and
    *validation and inspiration of the artistic spaces of myself and others