Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chemotherapy this week

This Thursday I'm scheduled to receive Doxil®, aka, Chemo #3. Bruce will be my ChemoBuddy, and he is by far, the most experienced ChemoBuddy I know. He is fun to talk with, a safe driver, a nice person, and a wonderful neighbor, all excellent qualities for future ChemoBuddies in training. One day he even brought a board game, but we never even opened the box.

There are so many people receiving chemotherapy these days, everyone can be ChemoBuddies. And just in case you can't drive someone, Phone ChemoBuddies are also needed. All you have to do is volunteer to call your family member/friend while the person is receiving the drug. Talk about movies, television programs, the weather, new clothes or old clothes, and vacations. You get the gist! Just ask...

note on image:
"Seasonal Still Life," work in progress
dried plants, fabric
about 7" x 7"

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