Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life can get difficult just looking for the little things

The word on the street is that if you have lymphedema, you really want to protect that body part from potential injuries. Even a insect bite, a prick of a rose thorn, or an injection can cause issues in the limb that has been compromised from surgery and/or radiation, I have been led to believe.

Well, the day came when my knee was taped by the physical therapist to help re-align my patella. She said to wear the tape during the day and then carefully take it off at night. Care-ful-ly! Yes, I took it off VERRY Care-fullll-ly.

For what ever reason someone wants to claim, the tape separated my skin from my leg. Not deep enough to draw blood, but close enough to the lymph system, because clear fluid weeped from the wound. OH NO!

My upper thigh has already been swollen for several months and I'm doing EvEryThiNg, Yes EVERYTHING I'm supposed to do, and now this really sticky, adhesive tape issue.

What is a gal supposed to do?


  1. Hi Michelle,

    Sorry about your leg, I hope it heals quickly. Is there some kind of tape that people who are allergic to adhesive tape use? Would that help?


  2. How about wrapping the knee all the way around with gauze ... and just some tape on the gauze?

  3. Zizi and Daria,

    Thanks for the input. In the future, wrapping an injury with gauze seems like the best alternative since adhesive tape may again pull off the skin. In the mean time, when I have a second, I'll start inquiring about alternative, not-so-sticky adhesive tape.

  4. Michelle, there is actually a bandage material that sticks to itself. You just wrap it around the wound and once it comes in contact with itself, it clings and stays. It will hold gauze in place, and can be reused.

    Ask the medical staff because really, there are tons of amazing little products out there.