Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yesterday, with the support of ChemoBuddy Bruce, Kristin (the oncology nurse) and Dr. Van Scoy-Mosher, I received my 4th infusion of Chemo #3, aka, Doxil®.

The event went quickly and we were out 80 minutes later.

My next treatment will be in three weeks. As you can see I took my camera into the room AND that Doxil® is bright orange! By the time I walked out, the bag was empty.

Up until yesterday, the plan was to have a CT scan on my torso next week. But the doctor decided to wait until the CA-125 blood test tumor marker is lower. Tomorrow or Monday we will have the results of yesterday's CA-125 blood test.

Remember a month ago the CA-125 was 1005, a big, BIG drop from July 15th number of 6705. Great Progress, if you ask me!

Well, the above paragraphs refer to 'Yesterday' and 'Tomorrow' in the title of today's bog.

The 'Today' in the title is a photograph of what I look today. I got my hair trimmed by David in beautiful Santa Monica. That's right, he cut my hair today and then he took the photograph outside of Pomp Salon--all over looking the Pacific Ocean.


  1. You look BEAUTIFUL Michelle!
    love you,

  2. Michelle,
    Wow, you are looking GREAT! One would never guess you are going through chemotherapy. Take care and get a good balance of rest and activity. Of course, you obviously must be already be doing that to be looking so terrific!