Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Mandala to My Siblings"

"Mandala to My Siblings"

Michelle Leddel
August 2009
paper, glitter, glue
approx. 14 x 17 inches

Created while in 'Cancer and Creativity Art Therapy Workshop'

Presented by Premiere Oncology Foundation and Beckstrand Cancer Foundation.

Instructor: Esther Dreifuss-Kattan, PhD, ATR

My mother gave birth to seven children. Each of my brothers and sisters are represented by circles. The small white circle with glitter in the center represents Janice Marie who lived only two days. Recent genealogical research revealed the cemetery in Glendale where her tiny body was laid to rest.

The five remaining circles of colored tissue paper honor the uniqueness, creativity, compassion, and commitment of Patrick, Brion, Deris, Adrienne, and Kevin to family and society.


  1. Michelle,
    I love "Mandala to My Siblings" and your description of this piece of artwork. I didn't recall knowing what "mandala" meant, so I just looked it up....interesting.

  2. HUMMMM Susan.
    Just last night at a bookstore I was looking through a book on 'healing mandalas.' I didn't buy it, but it opens my muse to more possibilities of mandalas.

  3. HUMMMMM, yes, I'll can just imagine that each "HUMMMM" you think or utter is most likely accompanied by some pretty creative thoughts or maybe even some "Sureluc & Watson" moments. I celebrate those sweet "HUMMMM"s.......