Friday, September 11, 2009

Hair Chronicles on Canvas

Hair Chronicles on Canvas

Michelle Niña Jeannette Leddel

The opportunity to share my life through the length and styles of my hair seems important,

now that it is growing back

People have asked if I ever had long hair - Yes, during my college years

And, did I ever have short hair, of course

But the days of NO Hair in the summer of 2008 has had a profound impact

Thanks for being part of my life

Hair Chronicles on Canvas

acrylic paints on canvas

about 8 x 8 inches

May 2009


top left - baby, first hair

top center - short curly hair as child. There were times it was longer but difficult to manage.

top right - teenager with makeup and 'bubble hair style,' an attempt to straighten my hair

center left - hair style of the late 60's and early 70's

center center - hair loss after chemotherapy (aka, Chemo #1). I tried to always wear make-up.

center right - hair started to grow back but I kept my head covered with scarves and hats. Make-up continued to be important to apply on a daily basis.

bottom left - wig that I bought to match my hair, but I didn't wear it. I looked too old.

bottom center - The free wig I selected from the American Cancer Society. This was fun to wear and the only one of three that I wore.

bottom right - Will my hair come out again with the next cancer-killing drugs? I wonder.

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