Monday, August 9, 2010

How are you?

Point of Reference

The gal in cancer support group e-mailed me, "How are you?

This morning the answer just seemed to be...
Fine...but I'm thinking about a 'growing feeling that something new is going on in my abdominal area'
But if I don't think about it, doesn't it kinda just go away, for a while?

I'm fine until I get the results of the next scan in a month, and the results of the somewhat helpful tumor marker within the month...

I'm fine ... because I'm going to meet my recently discovered family soon

I'm fine - I'm fine

This piece, “Point of Reference" (computer assisted from original) was modified from, “A Day in the Life of Michelle,” mixed media, July 2010.

The art was inspired in Art Therapy recently at Premiere Oncology in Santa Monica, California.


  1. Michelle,
    Good morning, Sunshine.
    This pleasingly beautiful piece of art absolutely bursts with vivid color!
    Please, be fine. We love you.
    Susan L

  2. We are going to have another art exhibit and I learned that the original piece, "A Day in the Life of Michelle" will be on exhibit. Thanks for your encouraging words.