Thursday, July 15, 2010

On a good morning, I can see ...

Yesterday I had my second meeting with my new oncologist. WE (my two loving supporters) really helped me feel taller, bigger, and stronger as I'm facing the multiple options and then ranking the best treatment plans or clinical trials. They both took notes and one, a cancer survivor, assisted in asking questions. While the doctor was out of the office we had a chance to review facts and perceptions. And then, reading the notes last night helped me to feel even more knowledgable.

While the oncologist and I will speak today with the results of his afternoon meeting with his colleagues on my case, I'm feeling pretty confident in my abilities to review, question, and decide the best course of action.

Oh, did I tell you there are other professional and personal contacts who are helping me through this process?


Acrylic on wood, 2009
Currently on display at Premiere Oncology, Santa Monica, CA


  1. Michelle,
    You make "patient active" an art form.
    Continued best wishes in putting together the new treatment plan.
    Susan L