Monday, July 12, 2010

"I need my chemo"

For the women readers, you might be able to relate to this: Even though I have NOT had a period in about twenty years, my tummy area feels like the first couple of days of the cycle. General pain, cramps--sometimes very sharp, and severe fatigue. But his time we can -- Blame it on the cancer!

My new oncologist and I will discuss and plan my next course of treatment this week. Heck, does it matter, what will be worst? Continued uncontrolled cancer in my torso, OR the loss of hair, neurophy and/hand foot syndrome, nausea, eating disorders, and IVs/or some other way to get the chemo into my body!

In any event, I will be graced with the presence of my family, friends, support groups and therapists, professional medical teams, medical plans, and that which can not be put into words.


  1. Michelle,
    I wish you strength in meeting the new course of treatment that you & your doctor will plan this week.
    Thinking of you......
    As always,
    Susan L

  2. Thanks dear Susan for your understanding support. Today I spoke with an ex-participant of a clinical trial and the procedures she described were not encouraging AT ALL!

  3. I hope you can speak with other ex-participants to compare/contrast their experiences. My husband, a physician, always reminds me that no matter what any doctor says, no matter what the diagnosis, there is always hope. I'm thinking of you, Sunshine. Love,
    Susan L