Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soon, a new chapter

On Tuesday of this week, I had a PET-CT scan to follow-up on the previous scan of six months ago. You might recall that I have been taking Hexalen® chemotherapy capsules for 14 days and then no capsules for 14 days during the past six months. I called these my "ChemoCaps." By the way, this was my fourth kind of chemotherapy during the past two years.

Another reason I had this scan was because my oncologist had seen an increase in my CA-125 tumor marker numbers during the past month or so. (Note: going up is bad, going down is good)

In a few hours I will be in the doctor's office to discuss my/our new treatment plan. Along with me will be one of my dear friends. She will take notes, ask additional questions I might not have asked, and then we will get something to eat.

After dinner I will go to my weekly, Thursday night cancer support group. I'll tell you, on Tuesday after the scan, I headed over to my regular, art therapy cancer support group; I was feeling emotionally vulnerable and fragile. Again, one of the best places to be--in a support group!

P.S., If you can schedule your scans/tests early in the week, in some cases, you may get your results before the weekend. Waiting can be hard ... on everyone.

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