Monday, March 1, 2010

Hexalen®, day 2, 4th month


1. Take two ChemoCaps with light breakfast
2. Opps, nauseous. This is the first time with these meds. Take anti-nausea pill
3. Back to bed to rest
4. Physical therapy on leg followed by photo of ChemoCaps in therapy room
5. Back home to take a nap due to side effects of drug
6. Lunch: gotta be careful. No problem with 1/4 sandwich
7. Swallow two more ChemoCaps
8. Drive to see oncologist: 30 minutes from door to door
9. Blood draw
10. Chat with doctor
11. CA-125 tumor marker is down! On January 5th it was 510 and a month later CA-125 was 53! Truly exciting results!
12. Stop taking ChemoCaps because white blood count is too low
13. Return to doctor's office in a week for another blood check
14. Pick up a few items at the market
15. Take nap #2 because of the fatigue from the ChemoCaps
16. Go on the Internet, read emails, and check Facebook
17. Review genealogy materials from cousin. WOW! Here is a picture of my grandmother when she graduated from high(?) school
18. Create a Food Network inspired dinner. YUMMM
19. Telephone conversations with friend and cousin
20. Create entry for blog
21. Stretch
22. Clean up
23. Go to bed and remember, no eating or drinking in the morning: MRI check-in at 7:55am

Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll have time to work on my art projects. Opening Reception of Art Exhibit is in three weeks at Premiere Oncology.

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