Sunday, June 27, 2010

"What's up?"...the sky

On a Good Day

Since my last blog in early June I completed my first month of "Chemo #5," Topotecan. It went like this; I was given an I.V. once a week for three weeks, and then one week of no drug, no visit to the doctor. Tomorrow I will return to the oncologist's office for the usual blood draw to check the white and red blood counts, among other blood components.

Most likely I will begin my second month of "Chemo #5" when I visit the doctor in the morning with my 'chemo buddies.' There has been no hair loss with this chemo and some fatigue, however my hands are dry and sensitive. Good ole 'hand and foot syndrome' has returned.

My life has been filled with researching known and unknown relatives and ancestors, truly an exciting activity. I feel like I'm the family historian and private investigator with only limited time to research, coordinate, and publish my discoveries. The one-page profiles and one-page individual timelines are being created, documents and photographs are being collected and scanned, in addition to creating my first YouTube movie. WOW!

Check it out:
Search with either my name, Michelle Leddel or my mother's name/name of the movie, "Miss Judy Jeannette."


  1. I love your comments about your quest to discover and publish family history (& I share your passion).
    Susan L

  2. We all deserve to have genealogy mentors and you are that person.