Wednesday, August 5, 2009

'Joy Juice' Today

This afternoon I'll be going to my oncologist's office for my second Doxil infusion. My ex-colleague, Georges and his wife Dova, will pick me up around noon. They will sit with me during the process to help the time pass quickly, which I think will be around an hour.

Another reason for having a ChemoBuddy is because if I'm given Benedril in conjunction with the Doxil, I'm not allowed to drive. While I don't know how many Doxil infusions I will be given, I will be getting them every three to four weeks.

I'm feeling much stronger this week than during the past few weeks, and my GI system is functioning better--not perfect, but better. My low-fiber food options are growing these days and that's because I'm NOT cramping up.

Finally, while it is almost 10 am, it is about time to take my first nap of the day! Yes, that's right! Then I'll be awake no later than 11 to shower, dress, eat, and get ready for my 'Joy Juice' at my chemo party with my ChemoBuddies!

p.s., I do need to put a 'happy twist' on today's event so I can enjoy more smiles than frowns.

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